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It is because of Handover. When you move in a bus or train you get switched from one tower (base station) to another within minutes because coverage area of tower is just about 4 - 5 km on roads & it may be 500 m in high population areas.

What is Handover?
A Handover is a process in mobile communication in which a connected cellular call or a data session is transferred from one base station (tower) to another without disconnecting the session. When your mobile get range from two towers, it will be get connected to tower which is providing better signal strength.
Types of Handover:
a). Hard Handover is when first your connection is disconnected from current base station and then a new connection is made with the another base station with better signal strength. It is also called break-before-make technique & is used in GSM mostly.

b). Soft Handover is make-before-break technique used by CDMA operators. In this a call doesn't get disconnected while switching from one base station to another.
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